Our other selves / Nos autres mêmes.

The Tourists

In Manhattan, NYC.


In Manhattan.

La joie de l'amitié / The joy of friendship

Manhattan, NYC.

On Broadway, Manhattan



Cambridge, Ma., USA

Le cycliste.

Jésus et le cycliste.

Summer of 2014, Ottawa.

On the Byward Market in Ottawa, Canada.

Working series.

Thumbs up through the window

Shoe's don't lie

Manhattan, NYC.

1/250th of a second of his life.

Manhattan, NY.

Manhattan Street.

Autoportrait à Brooklyn


Street Portrait

In Ottawa, Canada.

Friendly Face

From my "Friendly Faces of Ottawa" street series.


Street portrait / Portrait dans la rue

In Ottawa, Canada.

Street Artist

Ottawa, Canada.

Night Street

Ottawa, Canada.

Portrait of a young man

Storm Riders

In Ottawa, Canada.

Street portrait / Portrait dans la rue

Ottawa, Canada.

Street portrait

In Ottawa, Canada.

The friendly faces of Ottawa.

Friendly Faces of Ottawa

The friendly faces of Ottawa. 32 years in the same chip truck making the world's best french fries! Les visages amicaux d'Ottawa. 32 ans dans la même puce camion faisant meilleures frites du monde!


Ottawa, Canada.

Street portrait

Ottawa, Canada.


The friendly faces of Ottawa

On Stage.

At the Jay Pritzker Pavilion in Millennium Park, Chicago, USA.

Chicago Street

Hailing a bus in Chicago, USA.

Byward market artist.

A great artist in Ottawa, Canada

Chicago Street

Street portraits

In Ottawa, Canada.

A Monkey Sees His Shadow

In Ottawa, Ontario.

Rickshaw Pullers

In Ottawa, Canada.


Ice Bucket Challenge

Ottawa, Canada.

People at work series


Street Portrait

In a bakery; Ottawa, Canada.

"Cracker Jack"

Ottawa, Canada.

Gestures and Shadows

The Friendly Faces of Chicago

A Bicyclist's Warning

Chicago street selfie with subject

Chicago Street

The friendly faces of Chicago / Les visages amicaux de Chicago

Faces of Chicago / Visages de Chicago

Reflections II

At the Chicago "Bean"


At the Chicago "Bean"

The Videotographer

A friendly Chicagoan

Chasing the Light

In Chicago, USA.

Me making a picture of them making a picture of themselves

At The Bean, in Chicago, USA.



Wondering / Je me demande

The answer. La réponse.

2014 Chicago Gay Pride Parade


At the 2014 Chicago gay pride parade.


Working People Project.

Red Coat

Street portrait

In Ottawa, Canada.

Street portrait

Selling pussy willows

In the Byward Market, Ottawa, Canada.

Working Hard


Recumbent tricyclist.

Fluffy and Fluffy.

Ottawa, Canada.

Vieux-Montréal dans la nuit / Old Montreal at night.

Selfie, Dog and Friend Portrait, all in one.

Street Portrait

Street Noodles


On the Byward Market in Ottawa, Canada.

Amitié / Friendship.

The second in my "Friendship" project.


Street Portrait


Workers making repairs.

Chinese New Years

Parade in Ottawa, Canada.

China Doll

At Ottawa, Canada's Chinese New Years parade.

Le sculpteur de neige / The Snow Carver {II}

Winterlude in Ottawa, Canada.

The Look

The Lonely Stroller

January street scene

Ottawa, Canada street scene in January.

Nocturnal street photographer

Street portrait of a gentleman / Portrait d'un gentilhomme

On a very cold new year's eve, in Ottawa, Canada.

Street Portrait

Pre-Christmas rush

Toronto police officers maintaining the peace

Christmas Tree Salesman / Vendeur d'arbres de Noël

In Ottawa, Canada.

Smoking at -30 C

In Ottawa, Canada, on a very cold December day.

Warming smile through the window at -30C

Les chanteurs de Noël / The Christmas Carolers

Christmas in Ottawa, Canada

The Western Look

Chill'in at the ROM

A couple relaxes in front of the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, Canada.

Watching over Me

Street performer

As seen in Toronto, Canada, 2013

Christmas Market / Le marché de Noël

Christmas vendors in Ottawa's Byward market. Canada.

Street Performer

A street performer in Dundas Square, Toronto, Canada.

The Incredible Mr. Nikon

Don't mess with Bill!

Feeding the birds on a cold and frosty morning.

Ah, être jeune, et dans l'amour! / Ah, to be young, and in love!

Keep Calm and Wear Tweed.

Bicycle club in Toronto, Ontario.

L'explication / The Explanation


Chinatown Mayhem, Manhattan

Street Portraits

The Pick Up

Great Smile!

Sharing a confidence / Partage d'une confiance


Hugo the Sphinx cat.

Keeping the Peace

Ottawa Police officers maintain law and order.

Van Helsing

Les enfants sont précieux / Children are precious

Father/Daughter conference. Un père et sa fille se concertent.


Street Selphie

It's a beautiful thing / C'est une belle chose

The Wrath of Man

Three Amigos


At Ottawa's 2013 Pride parade.

The Challenge

Father and Daughter

Montréal la nuit


Dead end

Alley way in Beacon Hill, Boston, Ma.



J'ai attendu si longtemps! / I've been waiting so long!

Street Portrait

A friendly young soul

Street portrait in Toronto.


In Toronto's Eaton Center.

Street Portrait

Toronto Street Portrait

Amitié / Friendship No. 3

The third in my "Friendship" project.

Street Love

Following the Colour

Le musicien / The Musician



Les travailleurs / The Workers

Removing old glue from cement in Toronto

Les amis / Friends

Friendly Torontonians.

Hot Wheels

Building Toronto


A student studies in the spring sunshine at the University of Toronto.

Le Maître / The Master

An artist instructs students on the University of Toronto campus.

Summer in the park.

Enjoying summer on the University of Toronto Campus.

Street Portrait


Taking a Rain Break

Chefs take a break outside in the rain.

The Skateboarder

Beautiful Smile

Street portrait

Toronto street portrait.

Canadian Smiles

The ice cream vendor

Super Dreadlocks!

The Conversation / La conversation

Bike Ride

In Ottawa's Byward Market.



Street photography in Ottawa, Ontario

The Grand

Street performer in Ottawa's Byward Market.

Street Portrait

A working man in cold weather.

The Document

Self Portrait

Self street portrait.

Happy Chinese New Year!

Chinese New Year celebrated in Ottawa, Ontario

Chinese New Years

Chinese new year celebrations in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

The Conch Fisherman

Preparing and selling conch in Lucaya, Bahamas

Bahamian Princess

Junkanoo parade in Freeport, Bahamas

In the Moment

A working man poses for a shot.


Heavy Work

Watching and Waiting!

A happy bus driver.

Leap of Faith II

Leap of Faith

Time for a Cuppa

The Trees and I

The Apple Seller

The Hat

Self Portrait.

Autumn Game

Autumn Couple

Seeing Red

J'ai faim! / I'm Hungry!

The Muse / La muse

Dog Smooch

Street Musician

The Rendezvous

The Lonely Walk. / La promenade solitaire.

The Jogger

The Conversation

Watching the Flow II

In Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Having Fun!

Watching the Flow

In Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Weather watchers

The Reader.

The Reader / Le lecteur

He Waits / Il attend

He waits / Il attend. (B&W Version)

Young Maestro

As seen in Halifax Harbour.

The Golden Hour

Chef on a break.

The Fountain Rat

Jumping Triptych

La décision.

Casting Shadows

Chapeau Melon

Ribs, Anyone?

International BBQ Rib competition in Ottawa, Canada

En Garde!

La boulangerie

Halifax Parkour II

Halifax Parkour I

The Piper

Carrying His Water

The Eyes

Belt'in It Out!

Jazz Man

The Artist V

The Violinist

The Bass Player

Street Musician

Street Vendor

Street Artist

Watering The Horses

Attempting The Life of An Artist



Neopolitan Mastiff

Neapolitan Mastiff

Good Karma

Working VII

Working VIII

Walking Home From Work

Awaiting His Master.


The Artist III

La surprise

The Decision

The Snake

On The Buses

The Photographer

A Cowboy and His Horse II

A Cowboy And His Horse

Walking the Dog II

The Snake Man

The extraordinary Guitarist

Waiting V

The Candy Man

The Pastel Artist II

Having A Sit II

The Guitarist


The Flutist

The Smile

The Pastel Artist

Walking The Dog

Walking I


Waiting VI


Working V

Having a Sit.

Street Portrait I

The Collector

Wintry Walk

Best Friends



As seen in Beacon Hill, Boston, Ma.



Working VI

Hot Day in Washington Square

Washington Square, NYC

Self Portrait in a Fish Tank

Fortitude Guarding

NYC Public Library Lion "Fortitude"

Self Portrait on a Fiat 500

Purrfect Inside


Waiting IV

Work II


Waiting III

Chess Players

Self Portrait.

Work V

Working VII

The Joy of Childhood


Working IV

NYC street musicians.

Work III

Sunday Morning Read

The Question

Flipping Out Last Summer


Work I

Waiting II

The Carollers / Chanteurs de Noël

Fire Truck

Bicyclist and Map

The Bicyclist

Kiss Me

The Fury

Water works

NYC fountain


Skate boarder

The Chess Players

As seen in Harvard Square, Cambridge, Ma.


As seen in Harvard Square, Cambridge, Ma.

Beacon Hill

Beacon Hill in Boston, MA. Three exposures combined in Photomatix and Topaz Adjust 4 filter applied.


An artist, as seen in Harvard Square, Cambridge, Ma.

Hell Street

As seen in Beacon Hill, Boston, Ma.

Walk, Don't Ride

The Photographer

Cambridge, Ma.

Lines 1

As seen in Cambridge, Ma.

Foggy Boston

Boston Financial Districdt

Where Are We?

NYC Lines

Pied Piper


The Staircase to Oblivion

Going away

Fixing the Fiat


Make the Call

Street Santa