Portrait of Daniel

Ottawa model Daniel Hassoun.

At peace

With Canadian actor/producer/director Francko Edge.

Think Twice

Canadian model/actor Myki Zattolo

Madonna et l'enfant / Madonna and child

With Canadian actor/producer Francko Edge.


Canadian model Myriam Cyr.


Gatineau designer and model Alexandre Riddell.


Madonna and Child / Vierge et l'Enfant

With Canadian actor and producer Francko Edge.

Let Me Help You Sleep.

With artist/sculpturer Tick Tock Tom.

Model shoot.

Model Alexander Riddell.

Le penseur / The Thinker


Look Into My Eyes II

Canadian actor and model Francko Edge.

Look Into My Eyes

Model and actor Francko Edge.

Princess III

Model Myriam Cyr.

The Princess II.

Model Myriam Cyr.


Model Myriam Cyr.

The Chameleon

With model Francko Edge.


Palais des Congrès de Montréal

Francko Edge.


Ottawa actor and model Myki Zattolo.

Man and Art

A portrait of the brilliant Ottawa artist, and sculpturer, Tick Tock Tom.

La tristesse de la vie

Actor Myki Zattolo.

My Friend Myki

Actor, model and my pal, Myki Zattolo.

Mysterious Visitor Awaits

Wet plate collodion simulation. With Canadian Actor/Producer Francko Edge.

Come over here a minute.

I'm finished with the chicken!

Chicken's done, dear!

The Entertainer VII

Canadian actor/producer Francko Edge.

The Entertainer VI

With Canadian Actor/Producer Francko Edge.


Canadian Actor/Producer Francko Edge.

The Entertainer III - Caught in the Act!

With Canadian Actor/Producer Francko Edge.

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

Portrait of Canadian artist/actor/producer Francko Edge.

Damn you Watson, you've missed a finger print again!

With Canadian actor/producer Francko Edge.

You damned little plastic imposter!!

Day 20 of shooting the same object for a month project.

The Entertainer

With Canadian actor/artist/stylist Francko Edge.

The Performer II

Canadian artist and actor Francko Edge.

The Performer (First in a series)

With Canadian artist and actor Francko Edge.

The Confrontation II

Canadian actor/artist Francko Edge.

1940's style train shoot

1940's style train shoot.

Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come

Inspired by Charles Dickens' novella "A Christmas Carol".

Heart Wrenching

Watching and Waiting

The Lady On the Train

The Smile

With model extraordinare Claudine Vivian

Home from the front.

A young soldier, just off the train, embraces his sweetheart, during WWII.

1940`s Beauty

Super model Anne Brennan poses for me.

The Look.



Bianca II

Capturing a Sunset

The Sunset

Sunset Walk

Faster - they're catching up! / Plus vite, ils nous attraper!